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Product Description

Product IDv116
Thai NameMA-RA-MAW
Common nameChayote
Scientific NameSechium edule Sm.
ShapeThe shape of this sweet gourd-shaped western Thailand. Yawri the green light. The ivy is a handle to support the body. And involve other trees. This hand grows out of the corner with 5-pointed leaves
Nutrition remarkCats are hatched, the nutritional value of vegetables high in vitamin C, calcium and phosphorus are the most popular Thai food I can eat the leaves and roots, stems and seeds
Preparation and eatingThe most common, such as cooked vegetables like chilli dip Spicy chicken soup with pork, chicken curry, mixed vegetable soup with oyster sauce. Noodle topping. However, most will be fried oyster. All of this is beta carotene. Because of the green. And calcium as well. The low phosphate. I do not eat tooth decay. Strengthen bones and teeth. Bring to Dagya. With a diuretic. Antibiotics, cardiovascular care.