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Product Description

Product IDV105
Thai NameYOD - MA - KOK (ยอดมะกอก)
Season availabilityAround year
ShapeLeaves look like feathers, leaves included. Elliptical leaves alternate on the stem. Young leaves are reddish brown faded any. To reddish green. To form a thick green leaves into
TasteSour and slightly astringent aroma.
Nutrition remarkOlive leaf in the amount of 100 grams of enriched with nutrients many as Calcium 49 mg Phosphorus 80 mg Iron 9.9 mg beta-carotene 2017 mcg Vitamin C 53 mg and vitamin A 205 IU, but the olive calcium to 161 mg of vitamin C in the olive Iron helps the body take in calcium and phosphorus is very full. Bone and blood is strong.