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Product Description

Product IDV087
Thai NameHOM - HUA - YAI (หอมหัวใหญ่)
Common nameONION
Scientific NameALLIUM CEPA
Season availabilityAround year
Peak PeriodDecember - April.
RemarkAll parts of the onion can help heal many diseases, whether fresh or dried as a whole.
ColourBrown in a white overlapping petals.
ShapeThe spherical shell outside a certain enclosed. When dry to brown. Inside is a white Lab overlap
Nutrition remarkOnion 100 g Energy 38 kcal contains calcium 30 mg phosphorus, 44 mg iron 1.0 mg vitamin B1, vitamin B2 0.03 mg 0.05 mg and 0.1 mg of vitamin B6.
Preparation and eatingWe will use the onions in cooking because it helps deodorize smell, whether as a meat dish Use a mixture of spices. As a component of baking, jelly candy. Or food they cooked spicy beef salad, soup, stir fry grill so that food can run anything and everything but onions contain Degongnegn.