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Product Description

Product IDV061
Thai NamePHAK - KHOM (ผักโขม)
Common namePIG WEED
Scientific NameAmaranthusLividusLinn
Season availabilityAround year
ShapeLeaves a single elliptical leaves like a triangle. Bai Design Slough million from 2.5 to 8 cm long, 3.5 to 12 cm wide leaf margins are smooth flower bouquet of purple flowers mixed green off the corne
Nutrition remarkAs a source of vitamin A, vitamin C, amino acids and other nutrients such as iron, calcium and phosphorus. Sour milk for your care nursing mother And even though spinach is a leafy green vegetables. It has a high beta-carotene. The blue substance and one substance Au Se San Tin. Carotene, a substance Grand is a lot of sleep. The two compounds have properties to help slow the degeneration of the eye. Reduce the risk of degenerative eye disease by up to 43 percent also effective in reducing the risk of disease may interfere al. And saponin compounds that reduce the collection, TC Cholesterol in the blood as well. In addition, the spinach has a lot of dietary fiber. It helps the excretory system. And reduce the risk of gastric cancer was