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Product Description

Product IDV057
Thai NamePAK - PHAW (ผักแพ้ว)
Common nameVietnamese coriander , Vietnamese mint ,Vietname
Scientific NamePolygonum odoratum
Season availabilityAround year
RemarkVegetables, local vegetable patch that is capable of herbal medicine is spicy, so the quality of the driving wind flatulence Dgoongeฟgo solve the phosphorus. Vitamin A is very high. It also has calcium and vitamin C as well.
ShapeBranching trunk to look small. Slender bamboo leaf-like leaves, but some more than
TasteSmell the food taste good.
Nutrition remarkWith phosphorus. Vitamin A is very high. Calcium and vitamin C
Preparation and eatingAll the leaves can be used to benefit all the popular roots stem leaves used as vegetable consumption. And used as food ingredients in several species. It also makes food smell.