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Product Description

Product IDV049
Thai NameBai-Ya-Nang (ใบย่านาง)
Scientific NameTiliacora triandra Dieels
Season availabilityAround year
RemarkSubstances that are very important and prominent leaf Yanang is calcium steel fiber beta-carotene, vitamin A.
ShapeYanang ivy twig with a soft cover. Then, when the surface is quite smooth. Large roots. Leaves a single leaf. From a switch next to the trunk. Leaf-like shape oval. Or elliptical edges parallel to the
Nutrition remarkYanang taste fresh leaves Yanang 100 grams of energy to the body 95 kcal include fiber 7.9 g Calcium 155 mg Phosphorus 11 mg Iron 7.0 mg Vitamin A 30625 IU Thiamine 0.03 mg vitamin B, two 0.36 mg in the Sun Sin. 1.4 mg vitamin C 141 mg.