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Product Description

Product IDV009
Thai NameKra Jeab (กระเจี๊ยบ)
Common nameOkra , Lady's Finger
Scientific NameHibiscus esculentus (Abelmoschus esculentus)
Season availabilityAround year
Peak PeriodAround year
RemarkOkra, green. A plant capable of diseases, stomach and intestine. Because of the okra pods containing mucus them Peggy Martin and gum coating to help wounds in the stomach and intestines, not to spread. Maintain pressure to normal. A brain tonic. Benefit is a laxative and can solve by Eeyhe๊d pathogenesis. Consecutive, but must eat at least 15 days
ShapeOkra, green. Women have similar fingerprints. The pods are soft around the pod. The short-sided by a 5-sided
TasteLong okra pods are green. Pod with sweet taste framework.
Nutrition remarkOkra, green. The vegetables that are nutritious. In particular vitamin C. And high calcium.