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Product Description

Product IDF023
Thai NameKhanun (ขนุน)
Common nameJack fruit
Scientific NameArtocarpus heterophyllus Lam
Season availabilityyear round
Peak PeriodJan – Aug
RemarkThe yellow flesh group / The yellowish orange flesh group
Weight6-15 kg
Colouryellowish brown skin; golden yellow flesh
Shapeovate or oblong
Tastesweet and fragrant Jackfruits of this group are planted widely.
Nutrition remarkHigh in protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and C.
Preparation and eating- Cut the fruit in half lengthwise. Wipe out all the latex with paper
- Remove the cor. Place each the half fruit on a table or a flat surface; press the skin along the edge down with your hands to separate fruit sections
- Pull out each sections. Cut open the flesh and remove the seed
*** eaten fresh and frozen. Added in fruit salad, ice-cream and desserts